What’s Next?

Tracking Zoe

“Our escapades may feel like a lifetime ago, but they’re written about in books. We’re old, Joanna, and it’s about damn time we start acting that way. The devil is knocking…” – Colonel Jim Walker, Tracking Zoe

Starving was just the beginning…

The history books would read that Jim Walker was brutally executed after the Battle of Goliad, but a few dollars in the right hands blurred the contrast between blood and ink. Now an aging bounty hunter on the verge of retirement, his services are requested in the Northern Arizona Territory to solve the mystery of the Verde River Massacre. With the aid of a local Deputy and a handwritten, deathbed confession from a delusional Medicine Woman, Jim sets off on what could be his final adventure. Will he lay the ghosts of his past to rest once and for all, or is he, like others before, simply Tracking Zoe?

The first collaboration from C. Derick & Sam Cloud-Miller!

Coming Soon…


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