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Starving Zoe

“If this book was censored, it would just be a front and back cover. That’s how awesomely vulgar it is!” – Godless

“Carnage, Raw Rage, and Savagery!” – The Voracious Gnome

“C. Derick Miller mentions that this book was a result of reading Edward Lee, Hunter S. Thompson, and J.D Salinger in the same week. If I may infer, I add Antonia Bird’s Ravenous (with its superb blend of horror, black comedy, and pathos) and your choice of disgusting Hong Kong black magic revenge horror flick to the list. The results are extraordinary: if you’re not laughing your ass off at the Joe Lansdale-like exaggerations (“She was flowing like synchronized menstruation at the saloon whorehouse”), you are cringing at the gory violence on full display. (your groin will hurt reading a particular scene)” – Goodreads

“Brutal. Evocative. Compelling!” – Bibliophelia Templum

“A Deep Dive Into Insanity, Betrayal, And True Love!” – Amazon

“The story of Robert Jack is kind of like “what if Holden Caulfield lived in the old west and was a racist, murderous sociopath with no redeeming qualities?” There’s an ass for every saddle.” – James Andrew Clark, co-author of the award nominated Guns of Shadow Valley

“What would life be like without Starving Zoe? I loved it!” – Books of Blood

“Starving Zoe may be the most messed up love story I have ever read. It may make you uncomfortable, you may hate yourself for laughing, and you may be appalled at some of the content but one thing you won’t do is forget reading it.” – @RichardReadsHorror

Zoe Is A Best Seller!

Peaked # 1 On Amazon’s Horror Western List!

“This seems to be a ‘love it or hate it’ book amongst fans of the series, and I certainly fall into the former camp. Of all ten books released to date, this one feels the most focused and personal, with pretty much two main characters and little in the way of a supporting cast.

Told in the first person and boasting, by far, the vilest and most deplorable protagonist of the Splatter Westerns to date, Starving Zoe is a challenging read in ways the other entries are not. It’s more grounded (despite the supernatural premise) and deals with a lot of unpleasant topics and themes, but maintaining a dark humor throughout and boasting a surprisingly melancholy undercurrent and, dare I say it, some heart as well.

My review of this book called it ‘the most messed up love story I have ever read’ and I think that summarizes my thoughts on ‘Starving Zoe’ pretty well.” – Horror Oasis

To most, 1865 was an eye-opening year. The American Civil War was officially over and the soldiers fortunate enough to survive the bloody conflict returned home to collect the pieces of their former lives. To young Arizonan Robert Jack, the fateful desert homecoming marked the end of all he once knew.  Forgiveness is overrated. Death is final. Revenge, however, dances between the fine lines of mortality and eternity. Love always finds a way.

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