People From My Past: Click Here!

Hello! I hope you are doing well and not incarcerated or hooked on drugs. Out of the goodness of my heart, I have decided to make this post and pin it to the front of my website. This will prevent you from scouring my social media presence, sleeping with my old friends for information, or contacting my children for updates on my life. Still, to this very day, I’m just thinking about you and the inconvenience of having to do any of the above-mentioned activities. Take care!

What I currently look like:

I currently live in:

Dallas, TX

I currently work at:

Self Employed Writer

AtuA Productions

Your Stories on Video



Current Net Worth:

Priceless (but you already knew that)

Current Hobbies:


Retro Gaming


Current Projects:

American Justice Podcast Season Four

Cherished: A Childrens’ Book

Starving Zoe Audiobook

Hung: A Gonzo Journey Through the World of Fine Art Trucking

Warning Signs Film

Tracking Zoe

A Taste of Home III: Home Sweet Home

Extinguished II: Rekindled

Blue Man

Poetic Much? Volume Two

Currently On the Market:

The Book Without a Name: Midnight Train to Tucson Short Story

Poetic Much? Volume One

American Justice Podcast Season Three

American Justice Podcast Season Two

American Justice Podcast Season One

Starving Zoe


Dig Two Graves Volume One: Nemesis Short Story

And Hell Followed: Hell Paso Short Story

Far From Home

A Taste of Home

Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up on my life! Just know that your presence has either led me to where I am today or at least created a personality for one of my fictional characters. Probably one of the psychotic or promiscuous ones, but you should be able to recognize them easily. Please feel free to check back here for regular updates or browse the rest of this site for a trip down memory lane!




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