Thank You.

Well, it’s the end of another year, and I’ve managed to stay relevent in a few minds here and there. I know I haven’t released anything new since my novella Starving Zoe, but I needed to take a break from toxic horror fandom. It’s still very toxic, so I’m still taking that break!

As far as writing in general, I did NOT take a break. Have you ever listened to the American Justice podcast? I write that. Two seasons available with a third on the way. I also wrote the script for a short documentary film about a Colorado senator. I’ve even written some unpublished short stories.

To boot, I managed the first chapters for a Starving Zoe sequel of sorts called Tracking Zoe, a sci-fi novel called Blue Man, a gonzo tale from my days as a fine art handler titled Hung, and the first chapter to the Home series book 3 called Home Sweet Home. Just because you don’t see it on Amazon doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly busy. Make sense?

This year will bring lots of changes since I’m now writing full time with no day job. I will be creating five days a week. Track down the “Unsupervised” podcast daily Monday thru Friday for more details.

Even though the year is at an end, my journey is just beginning. Thank you for being there and for your continued support. I’m just as scared as you are.

C. Derick Miller


2 responses to “Thank You.”

  1. Tarot of the Missing Avatar
    Tarot of the Missing

    Happy New Year!!

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    1. GonzoWolf Avatar

      Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

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