Best of 2021?

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are what I (meaning ME, my opinion, my thoughts, my brain, not YOUR’S. If you don’t agree, post your own list) found to be the best of 2021. Enjoy!

Horror Film?

I normally avoid mainstream horror but this is the only one in 2021 that gave me a WTF moment!

Film (in general)

Take your “‘Member Berries” and shove them up your butt one by one. This was the most fun I had with a film all year and I cried like a little kid with a skinned knee during several parts. Normally, I only do that during Star Wars films but we are temporarily broken up due to Rise of Skywalker.

Best Music Album/Song?


Silly rabbits. Music died in 1992!

Best Book?

Click the links below and read the reviews. Books like this shouldn’t make me happy, but they do. Maybe I should see a doctor about that. I’d like to see Talia team up with Kristopher Triana’s Full Brutal!

Worst of 2021?

Meh. I’m not doing that anymore. Isn’t there enough negativity in the world? If I liked it, I’ll praise it. If I didn’t, I’ll just move on. No need to spread the hatred. If it truly sucks, there will be enough people on social media who will do that for me. Chances are, none of them have never made a film or written a book so they truly have nothing to use as a basis of comparrison. Those who can’t create, review. Happy New Year!


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