“New” Poetic Much? 12/29/21

Typewriter Paint

By C. Derick Miller



Overcast ceiling

Colorless patches in gray fields

Hues sense the darkness

Suicidal raindrops

Smile greetings before impact

Their siblings follow

Creating the storm

Atop thirsting Earth

It inhales the moisture

Like traces of her scent

Long gone since morning

While I invent distractions

Ignoring unusual heartbeats

Wincing phantom pains

From worn, irreplaceable flesh

Erased from reflection

Nonexistent tones of youth

Conceal tomorrow’s folds

Of the ever-ticking clock

A name expired from mouths

And ears no longer willing

Impulses ignite fingers

Leading willing travelers

On a journey of words

Mentality’s canvas

Sprayed with typewriter paint

Shocking hearts to a medium

Dead to the masses

Tucked neatly in coffins

Of tomes and novels

Birthed by dreams and delusions

In an uncaring world

Fuck the attention span of pictures

No rules

Just write

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