Member Berries?

I’ve noticed a lot of critics on social media and YouTube using the term “Member Berries” when referring to the recent Matrix and Ghostbusters films. Funny, but overly critical people normally aren’t that creative or organized (this is why they make a living bashing other people’s stuff) and I thought it was strange so many of them were using the same term. So, I looked it up and, of course, it came from South Park. I haven’t watched South Park in years but let’s think about this. South Park is a show that exists by borrowing heavily from tv shows and movies from our past and it’s bashing current films based on their own previous installments? South Park is also very self aware and probably trolling the above mentioned critics who are all too eager to borrow those Member Berries as a way to remain relevant. Most media is either a clone of something similar which came before or a combination of many. NOTHING is original anymore. No movies, no books and NO CRITIQUE of the books or movies in question. This is why I think most critics are worth no more than that streak of shit in the toilet that refuses to go away, even after a dozen flushes. Feel free to use that description as a future Member Berry of your own and try to enjoy films and books in 2022 before researching the critique. Remember: if we don’t seek their opinion, eventually they’ll shut the fuck up. I hope.


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