“New” Poetic Much? 12/24/21 POLITICAL WARNING

Twas The Night Before Christmas 2021

By C. Derick Miller



Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the State

The unvaxed were dying

Fox hosts masterbate

Their viewers were armed

And so ready to fight

But were lacking the basics

How to read or to write

The Karens were waiting

For managers to come

And call the police

On some poor homeless bum

Who just wanted a meal

Or just needed a ride

And not hurting a soul

But it pained Karen’s pride

The trust funds were all flowing

And the rich all got fatter

Giuliani got diapers

A new gift for his bladder

And Trump, that old pumpkin

Got the best gift of all

He groped some poor lady

At a Florida Mall

But no one was punished

And no, nothing was said

It’s hard to get jailed

While democracy’s dead

So, the old man keeps grabbing

And taking our souls

And let’s be quite honest

We’d all prefer coal

In our stockings, that is

Because coal fires pollute

And the planet is pissed

From society’s route

The weather keeps killing

The glaciers all melt

The cows all keep farting

The players have knelt

The soldiers keep fighting

The bombs, they explode

And heaven forbid

That you sneeze from a cold

You’ll be dragged away screaming

Or gunned down in the streets

And the heroes once worshipped

All flaunt those white sheets

But I’d rather wear masks

Than the Proud Boys’ white hood

When the racists all die

Will it be dead for good?

There’s no hope left to cling to

There’s no joy in our eyes

Are we nearing extinction?

From the Washington lies?

Do we give up completely?

What’s the point to fight back?

Corporations own Christmas

While the people own jack

Jack shit, is my meaning

No, we don’t have a thing

Because prayers are useless

God’s phone doesn’t ring

So, I’ll cling to my children

And I’ll protect my wife

Don’t shadow my doorstep

If you value your life

We’re all on our own now

No help will arrive

All I want for this Christmas

Is to just be alive

When the fires extinguish

And this plague goes away

And we’re all viewed as equals

If you’re black, or you’re gay

Because this life is sacred

Regardless of teaching

From old men and women

Who’re too dead for preaching

Our history is history

It’s exactly just that

We should live for the future

Not the wealthy’s door mat

I’m not sure how to end this

As my words come to life

But, just like our planet

It’s got blood on its knife

If we don’t end ourselves

She’ll accomplish her bidding

Like there’s a choice in the matter?

Who the fuck are we kidding?

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