By C. Derick Miller


Will I die

Or will I sleep

Or will my heart explode

Am I awake

Am I asleep

While blazing down this road

Can I survive

Can I endure

To brag my Earthen stone

Unanswered call

I bet it all

In dreams, I fade alone

I’ll end this way

If not today

Then maybe someday soon

It’s destined flair

That twilight scare

Beneath uncaring moon

Shall breathing cease

My soul’s release

While raising no alarms

I float away

No more to stay

A memory in her arms

The moments come

The moments go

The moments never last

We post the best

And film the rest

A review of our past

The tears shall flow

For few who go

To bid a fond farewell

Fake breathe a sigh

On truth rely

This planet, our true Hell




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