Under The Weather

Under The Weather 7.29.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video It’s currently a blazing hot summer day in Dallas, Texas (just like every other summer day in Dallas, Texas), but I’m watching the sun slowly disappear behind clouds outside my office window. The fact of the matter is, North Texas weather is... Continue Reading →

Zoe Hits 50!

Know what this means? Probably nothing lol. It's been rumored for years that Amazon will use your product in marketing materials if it reaches 50 ratings. No one has ever been able to prove this. Still, this is the first solo work of mine to ever hit this mythical number on Amazon so I'm slightly... Continue Reading →

Seventh Inning Stretch

Seventh Inning Stretch 7.26.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video It was early Sunday morning and a cool, summer breeze was blowing through what would've been my hair. I say that, of course, because I choose to be a bald guy. Absolute choice. My wife takes it straight down to the scalp... Continue Reading →

The Travel Bug

Are we, as human beings, ever genuinely happy where we are in the moment? C. DERICK MILLER, STAFF WRITERJULY 19, 2021FAMILY HISTORY, GENEALOGY, NEWS, TRAVEL, USEFUL, WORLD AFFAIRS The Travel Bug 7.19.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video Now that the world has started to open back up, I’ve developed a sickening case of wanderlust. All it... Continue Reading →


Moments By C. Derick Miller 7.15.21 Will I die Or will I sleep Or will my heart explode Am I awake Am I asleep While blazing down this road Can I survive Can I endure To brag my Earthen stone Unanswered call I bet it all In dreams, I fade alone I’ll end this way... Continue Reading →

Life Was Exercise?

7.15.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video Life Was Exercise? I recently had a good look into the mirror and realized I’m not going to be around forever. Yes, I’m 47, and I just recently had this revelation. I thought I was immortal until that very moment. Don’t judge. The truth of... Continue Reading →

Personal Service

7.12.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video Personal Service In my opinion, I feel as though personal service has fallen off the charts in modern business. With the never-ending inventions of new and improved technologies, the human element is truly no longer present in pretty much anything we come in contact with.... Continue Reading →

One More Down, Millions To Go!

Perhaps we should make a Your Stories On Video inspiring compilation film to light a fire beneath the pants of today’s youth? YSOV Greatest Hits? Just a thought… C. DERICK MILLER, STAFF WRITERJULY 5, 2021FAMILY HISTORY, GENEALOGY, NEWS, WORLD AFFAIRS One More Down, Millions To Go! 7.5.21 C. Derick Miller Head Writer Your Stories On Video I’m super... Continue Reading →

0318 – Amazon Screwed Up! Human Shaped Fiends by Chandler Morrison!

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-3dzzt-107b7b7 0318 - Amazon Screwed Up! Human Shaped Fiends by Chandler Morrison! Books and Smack! We Talk Both… Author C. Derick Miller And Graphic Artist Sam Cloud-Miller Offer Random Thoughts On Books, Film, Music, Today’s Topics, And Life From Bishop Arts District! Find ‘Butterflies Make Me Angry’ on Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio Podcasts,... Continue Reading →

The Path Ahead

When it comes time for us to pass on our knowledge and experiences to the next generation, what will we share?

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