The Next Adventure…

“…as I dream about movies they won’t make of me when I’m dead.” – Jon Bon Jovi

Imagine if your cherished friend or loved one could have their life stories filmed, professionally produced, and documented for all time to be shared with generations yet to come? You don’t have to imagine anymore.

Your Stories On Video is here to help keep those memories alive!

I am now officially the Head Writer of this company!

Cherish Memories Forever With Your Stories on Video

Your Stories on Video helps people tell their life stories and share experiences for generations to come 

When life gets overwhelming, people tend to look back and remind themselves of why they have persevered and pursued no matter how hard circumstances are. But sometimes, people only have memories to look back to, no tangible evidence of what has been. With Your Stories on Video, everyone will have the chance to preserve their life so far with a video production.

Your Stories on Video was inspired by the relationship of its CEO, Scott Poggensee and his grandfather. According to him, “Pops told me all of his stories when I was a kid, but now he’s gone. We lost them all. I didn’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.” Through Your Stories on Video, Scott wants every family and everyone to be able to tell their stories for all the generations to come to witness and enjoy.

Whether it’s grandpa or grandma, or possibly the tragic situation of a loved one that was diagnosed with a terminal illness such as ALS or cancer, Your Stories on Video can help preserve those life stories forever.

Your Stories on Video have videographers worldwide and they offer free consultation for anyone who is interested to turn their tale into a one-of-a-kind footage. Create a legacy to be remembered, capture a beautiful snippet of one’s life journey, and cherish memories forever with Your Stories on Video. Visit their website and consult with them at

About Your Stories on Video

Your Stories on Video aims to preserve memories by offering life film production services to people. They are open for free consultations for video storytelling.




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