The teasing claw holds Heaven’s cup

Trapped at the bottom looking up

I crave a drop of someone else’s soul

To give up now would be absurd

This birthright curse of spoken word

I can’t escape the prison of this hole

I pray to someone everyday

To take my hand or light my way

Yet, clueless, I still walk this lonely life

My prayers fall on deafened ears

I take deep breaths to face my fears

This emptiness personified; My wife

The window through this gaping gash

For you to view my gathered trash

May not be offering reality

The eyes see what the world defines

We take the ticket; Pay the fine

Accepting those above’s authority

Why can’t we live by our own will?

To follow, fuck, or fight, or kill?

or do whatever madness comes to mind?

Inside our heads, we own the land

Enforcing laws by ruling hand

Unbiased self-approval undefined




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