You came into this world

With open eyes and innocence

and betrothed to introduction

to a world that’s choked by fence

separating all the races

and the women come in last

‘cause the men are dominating

And they mostly cum too fast

It’s a world so full of hatred

Quite a sin to bring you here

Where the rich man owns your feelings

And the poor man feeds your fear

Where you’ll suffer every failure

And you’ll endure every hurt

You were mother’s precious baby

since your daddy’s little squirt

learn to cherish every moment

learn to teach from your mistake

show the world you’re not a failure

bend the rules until they break

always watch the silent prowler

always shun the noisy crowd

and don’t miss the chance for greatness

lend your voice and sing out loud

make them hear you in their castles

shake their walls with every word

and don’t spare the epic chorus

when their rules become absurd




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