Serial Prize

Experimental suffering

The ropes, they burn

The blade ,she stings

The flesh, it cuts

The blood, it flows

The organs fail

And no one knows

The body rots

Beneath the soil

A million years?

A spot of oil

To future failed


But for the moment

You and me

I felt the need

You fit the bill

I questioned all

I slipped the pill

And loosened tongue

Allowed my joy

To overflow

My newest toy

Your eyes, they watch

My every move

But I won’t stop

I’ve hit my groove

I must enjoy this

While I may

The headlines coming

Any day

Will let all know

I’m still around

Beware your children

Mask your sound

Steer clear the woods

For trees ignore

The killer’s dance

The fallen whore

The funeral feast

The falling tears

Till my return

Enjoy your fears




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