Torn down

Broke apart

Put together

Army art

Built to kill

Built to last

Eyes front

No more past

Coming home

Will they see?

The animal

Inside of me?

Breathing fire

Eating fear

Sucking life

From all that’s near

From tiring day

To lonely night


Came to fight

To make you beg

To steal your soul

Lay you to rest

Your Earthly hole

But what to do

When fight no more

Your body tired

Your spirit sore

Your feet are worn

You’ve seen too much

Forgotten love

Forgotten touch

And shake awake

With thunder crack

You are the wolf

No going back

You let them in

But not too far

They’ll see your heart

They’ll fear your scar

And as you sink

You’re all alone

Blanket of soil

Pillow of stone




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