The darkness grips

Like angry fangs

Injecting poison’s sting

Though sirens wail

Your heart will fail

You won’t recall a thing

The pain shall cease

With soul’s release

Removing you from life

What’s left behind

You’ll never find

As Hell becomes your wife

“I should’ve” this

“I could’ve” that

It’s much too late to change

When lowered down

Forever’s hole

It will not seem so strange

In fact, it’s normal

Lonely, cold

With no one else in sight

You’ll have all time

To sit and dwell

At home, eternal night

Why did you love?

Why did you care?

Why did you give your best?

When offered rot

From day to day

Expected to ingest

The distant fire

From funeral pyre

Illuminates the black

Accepted fate

In grave, you’ll wait

There is no turning back

With trembling hand

Your final stand

The reaper has appeared

In ancient well

Your heaven’s trail

Will vanish as you feared

No crying eyes

All tears have dried

Your absence brings no pain

To those above

Forsaking love

Washed clean by chilling rain

You lived your life

Died by the knife

Like most had done before

He’s come for you

That much is true

The end shall know no door

Don’t try to run

You cannot hide

He’ll find you guaranteed

No need to pray

It’s much too late

In blood, you’ll sign his deed

The stone, it shows

Those curious eyes

Still peeking up above

“Here lies a pile

Of worthless flesh

who chose hate over love”




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