I’m You, You’re Me

The world is fucked

We’re doomed to die

No need to shout

No use to cry

We knew it from

The very start

Perfected craft

Accomplished art

Our leadership

Is safe inside

Their hallowed halls

Where hate resides

The only finger

To be raised

On middle ground

The sheeple praised

We can’t fight back

No “I” in “team”

Alone in mass

Protest in dream

Concocted scheme

By those in power

The moment’s here

Arrived, the hour

We’ve played into

Their evil plan

As wealth controls

The fall of man

With colors seen

By silent blind

I take the pill

My nerves unwind

The monster lives

No gun can kill

We’re stuck until

The planet’s will

To cleanse the Earth

And shake us free

Until that time

I’m you, you’re me.




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