Days go by

Harsh and gray

Voice of sunshine

Leads my way

Face is fading

Touch forgotten

Kills my soul

Faded, rotten

Demon’s wishes

All fulfilled

Followed orders

Hate instilled

Keeps me wanting

Keeps me down

Rarely smiling

Backing down

Come to life

Take it back

Hard to see

World is black

Hand is slipping

Losing grip

Offered cup

Never sip

Fighting pain

Sing along

Forced to tears

Memory’s gone

Miles away

So it feels

Moments lost

Joy it steals

Tortured essence

Tortured then

Tortured still

Will I win?

Battle scarred

Vision blur

Take it back

Fail for sure

Down that road

Thoughts connect

Take my life


Ignore the call

Deny my will

Fallen angel

Devil’s kill




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