Butterflies Make Me Angry part 2

Toes first in dog shit every time I’m wearing sandals

Whiney stars from Hollywood and Presidential scandals

Deadlocked in traffic and my new car gets rear ended

Try to tell a dirty joke and the whole room gets offended

Still a mean old man they say, I haven’t changed my ways

Don’t care about the Donald Trump or how Bruce Jenner sways

Hipster beards with their IPA’s and all those fruity beers

Hard to get a decent buzz with a glass all full of tears

Not a fan of ex-wives or the idiots they’re screwing

My gun stays at the ready because trouble’s always brewing

Hiding from the IRS so they’re not scraping my wallet

Can’t tell the future but somehow I always call it

You’ve finally put your phone down and you crave my blood and sweat

The writing hasn’t changed me and I ain’t bought no corvette

A thousand eyes have read me and my message remains clear

I’m thriller killer Miller, I’m the master of your fear

I’ll punch you in your Facebook and I give less than a Tweet

How’d a man of my design ever end up so sweet

I’ve been around a block or two and I’ve seen a million things

Butterflies make me angry and I’m tearing off their wings.




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