Washed Away

I took a drink

You slipped inside

Whatever did you do?

You quenched my thirst

Omit the worst

My old deeds born anew

You set me free

You did to me

What others couldn’t claim

To no surprise

I told the lies

Only myself to blame

I’d fallen hard

The business card

The Devil handed down

His fee was free

The world to see

My hardened, chiseled frown

A decade ends

With turns and bends

And hills I couldn’t scale

I took his word

Although absurd

And drove myself to Hell

I lingered there

Without a care

My comfort found in pain

No rescue team

A hopeless dream

I prayed for help in vain

What’s this I see?

A hand for me?

It lifted me above

I held it tight

No more to fight

A soldier deep in love




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