One In The Chamber

The farmland travels on for miles

Yet, children cannot eat

The rich man blames economy

Like records on repeat.

I’m wondering what they would do

If we all stood up at once

If ‘We The People’ took it back

Threw out that White House dunce.

With numbers, power, minds alike

All focused one direction

We’d make a change more powerful

Than any damned election.

The poor man’s rise and wealthy fall

Our world has seen enough

Just stand there snarling eye to eye

They’ll see they’re not so tough.

The revolution beckons all

To those that heed the call

Through women’s cries and children’s tears

We’re tearing down the wall.

No more will people go without

No more will people starve

Like angry, flowing rivers

Better pathways we shall carve.

The days are numbered, time is short

The fires have been set

No longer will our voices be

Considered empty threat.

So…crooked Sheriff, rotten Judge

And angry Politician

Just count your days and promises

We’ll count the ammunition.




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