Long Beach

Three down and three to go

My vision barely blurry

I’m off to Long Beach for the night

Where no one’s in a hurry

The crystal ocean slapping land

Without an inch to spare

Young lovers walking hand in hand

Without an ounce of care

The surfers now have gone to sleep

To dream tomorrows sights

They snuggle with bikini girls

That sway like Palms at night

The moon emerges from her sleep

To rest upon the waves

Leaving trails of glowing road

For beaches, hills, and caves

And as she rises to her crest

The moon begins to sing

To all those cool enough to hear

While searching for her King

But as that King begins to peek

Above the dawn’s new day

The moon, she sneaks below the Earth

Her game keeps him at bay

He’ll search the heavens high and low

Until the darkness falls

That moon…she is a fickle girl

And has him by the balls




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