I’ll Never Tell You

Hello again

You mindless drone

It feels good to be back

Just read the news

Like all the rest

And watch the charges stack

No problem man

I’ll empty them

My pockets hold no clues

A bit of fuzz

And condom pack

I probably should’ve used


First time we met

We barely got along

You beat me down

And broke my will

Though I’d done nothing wrong

Small town this is

I’ve watched through time

You come and go at home

You’ll be surprised

When you get there

You left her all alone

This world we live in,

how it’s changed

Killers only kill

A gun, a blade,

A shovel spade

It’s how we get a thrill

The laws we follow,

Useless words

To help the honest sleep

I’ll take them

to their final rest

And lay them six feet deep




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