Buzz Kill

Isn’t it amazing

How a call can change your mind

Leave you wondering what happened

How it started to unwind

How your life became uncertain

How your path became unclear

How your world became disaster

How your faith returned to fear

How your rock became a pillow

How your mate became your end

How your love transformed to hatred

Leaving all to break or bend

How you let her overcome you

How you let her rule your castle

How you let her run like madness

Till it all became a hassle

Why’d you give into the sickness

Why’d you give into demands

Why’d you let her overcome you

Never questioning commands

Where’s the man you used to mimic

Where’s the man who beat the game

He’s the shadow of his master

Only has himself to blame

You took nothing when you left her

You’ll leave nothing when you’re done

When your eyes return to heaven

And you’re standing in the sun

You can take away my manhood

You can take away my pride

But you cannot take my spirit

No, you can’t have what’s inside

And you won’t because you never

Had a clue of who I am

Take your leave and be a memory

Of someone who gave a damn

For a decade, you were worth it

Now the time has come and went

As those years will fade to nothing

And the time has all been spent

Hope you liked it while you had it

Hope you enjoyed every day

Hope you don’t mind that I’m winning

Since I took my love away




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