16 Again

Reality is peeking in

The music fills the slack

Was it all a crazy dream?

When will it bring me back?

Why do we yearn for yesterday?

Why can’t we live for now?

The bricks of time have crumbled

And the builder takes a bow

No knowledge then of sex or drugs

But rock n roll was real

Musicians in the modern world

Can only rape and steal

Guitars wailing in the night

Like wounded, cornered prey

The singers howled like demons

And the drummers made us sway

It’s just not music anymore

Our souls know no vibration

True artistry has disappeared

On permanent vacation

Is this the speech my father gave

To me when I was young?

When one day it all vanished

To the melodies I sung?

Perhaps I’ll keep an open mind

and give it one more chance?

Nah, never mind, it fucking sucks

And makes me shit my pants




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