Lucky Mirror

Lucky Mirror By C. Derick Miller 5/29/21 Why can’t I be the mirror Always knowing where you are A reflection … More


Piggy Back By C. Derick Miller 5/27/21 Look at me Listen here Solve my problem Squash my fear Carry me … More

Dawn’s Recital

Dawn’s Recital C. Derick Miller 5.26.21 Unbridled Nudity Cheats of the flesh Surefire attention Shape disregarded Dawn’s recital Senseless display … More


Reminisce C Derick Miller 5.25.21 The dotted line is occupied The letter’s in the mail Requesting stings from yesterday Those … More


Downpour By C. Derick Miller 5/24/21 Sympathizing rain Or reluctant visitor The heavens release Tears of renewal Upon the ungrateful … More


47 By C. Derick Miller 5/21/21 Each beat Stealing life Dirt nap Worried wife Losing sight Gaining time Tingling nerves … More


Wink By C. Derick Miller 5/20/21 Journey’s end That relieving deep breath before death’s release The ease of farewell You … More


Maskless By C. Derick Miller 5/19/21 Revealing eyes Acceptance sought The inlets to our soul Near fireside Exhibits smiles In … More

Grow Up And Die

Grow Up And Die By C. Derick Miller 5.18.21 Deep breaths to cry The reason why? A pullout game Of … More

Yester-tears (New Poetry)

Yester-tears By C. Derick Miller 5.16.21 Dusky blacktop Memories Of flowing streams And rain-soaked trees Her hand in mine While … More

M.I.L.L.E.R (New Poem!)

I’ve been fighting writer’s block since the beginning of the pandemic. This is the first poem I’ve written unprovoked since … More


A whisper in sorrow A scream to the deaf A flash to the blind You have nothing left Your pockets … More

Week 3

Winter fire, melted dreams, stir in sleep, silent screams, born again, morning rise, face the day, child’s cries, talk the … More


One more morning Sun breaks through The darkened veil To shine on you The comfort comes I pour the life … More


No one will miss Your presence here You have no home Nothing to fear Just come inside And breathe your … More


The teasing claw holds Heaven’s cup Trapped at the bottom looking up I crave a drop of someone else’s soul … More


You came into this world With open eyes and innocence and betrothed to introduction to a world that’s choked by … More

Serial Prize

Experimental suffering The ropes, they burn The blade ,she stings The flesh, it cuts The blood, it flows The organs … More


The pipes are clogged The wheels are stuck No reason why I’d give a fuck To start again Stare down … More


Torn down Broke apart Put together Army art Built to kill Built to last Eyes front No more past Coming … More


I died inside The day departed By my own hand Left broken hearted Where did I turn What did I … More

Politics and Shoes

The only things that never change Are politics and shoes The revelation guaranteed To feed the poor man’s blues Our … More


The darkness grips Like angry fangs Injecting poison’s sting Though sirens wail Your heart will fail You won’t recall a … More

Lost In Translation

Dream of worlds I’ve createdElectronic nightmaresFreezing in unconsciousnessIntoxicating refreshmentOne by one they fallAccuracy and cold sweatSacrifice of sustenance Traffic jam in … More