Lucky Mirror

Lucky Mirror By C. Derick Miller 5/29/21 Why can’t I be the mirror Always knowing where you are A reflection of your beauty Somewhat present, never far To enhance your every sparkle Warming sunlight on your face And the echo of your laughter Which no distance can erase Absent now, I miss your essence Distant... Continue Reading →


Piggy Back By C. Derick Miller 5/27/21 Look at me Listen here Solve my problem Squash my fear Carry me Heed my speech Hold my hand Please don’t teach Fate accept Cannot leave No way out I believe Endless cycle Daughter/mother Until the end Until another Did you dig it? See more here! C. Derick Miller is... Continue Reading →

Dawn’s Recital

Dawn’s Recital C. Derick Miller 5.26.21 Unbridled Nudity Cheats of the flesh Surefire attention Shape disregarded Dawn’s recital Senseless display Abundant entertainment For the weak among us all No shortcut needed Sight’s hunger awakened Mirror’s delight Slowly she covers Eyes closed by perfection Unraveled inches Women’s true definition I wake to watch her dress


Reminisce C Derick Miller 5.25.21 The dotted line is occupied The letter's in the mail Requesting stings from yesterday Those photographs from Hell Recorded pain and memories I wished would go away But keys to moving forward Have revealed they're here to stay There's no reason to go back there There's no reason to go... Continue Reading →


Downpour By C. Derick Miller 5/24/21 Sympathizing rain Or reluctant visitor The heavens release Tears of renewal Upon the ungrateful Looking skyward Angered inhabitants Cursed sky Covering of heads Unaccepted offerings Washing refuge Humanity’s waste mound Concrete and steel Foul and filth Life’s unfortunate byproduct Did you dig it? See more here! C. Derick Miller is an... Continue Reading →


47 By C. Derick Miller 5/21/21 Each beat Stealing life Dirt nap Worried wife Losing sight Gaining time Tingling nerves Cannot rhyme Missing days Extra pounds Rising soul Trumpet sounds Sunday school Clever fiction Passed plate Pew confliction Books lie Teachers spread Elections forced Until dead Earthly Hell False Heaven Deep breaths Forty-Seven Did you... Continue Reading →

0313 UFO’s Are Real and Vampires of Moscow by Caedis Knight! 0313 UFO's Are Real and Vampires of Moscow by Caedis Knight! Books and Smack! We Talk Both… Author C. Derick Miller And Graphic Artist Sam Cloud-Miller Offer Random Thoughts On Books, Film, Music, Today’s Topics, And Life From Bishop Arts District! Find ‘Butterflies Make Me Angry’ on Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio Podcasts,... Continue Reading →


Wink By C. Derick Miller 5/20/21 Journey’s end That relieving deep breath before death’s release The ease of farewell You know not where I dwell Is it indeed journey’s end Or chaotic regrouping for what comes next? Rest stop inventory? True missions on the uncharted plane Life was nothing but Prep course Practice A joke,... Continue Reading →


Maskless By C. Derick Miller 5/19/21 Revealing eyes Acceptance sought The inlets to our soul Near fireside Exhibits smiles In mouthless vocal role Denial's gambit Money men Are shamed to life in Hell For heathen church Religious nod God bid her last farewell Confessions worth Dictated sails Which pathway we're allowed Our code of dress From nose up... Continue Reading →

Grow Up And Die

Grow Up And Die By C. Derick Miller 5.18.21 Deep breaths to cry The reason why? A pullout game Of fault and shame Your parent’s luck That fateful fuck That led to you Life born anew We never learn From taken turn The chosen fate True love/true hate A casket made For death’s parade Too... Continue Reading →

Yester-tears (New Poetry)

Yester-tears By C. Derick Miller 5.16.21 Dusky blacktop Memories Of flowing streams And rain-soaked trees Her hand in mine While footsteps cross Revealing trails Through muck and moss Exhibit ways If needs arise Illuminating Compromise To reminisce On whom we’ve been Her broken home My empty pen We brave each step Ignoring fears No looking... Continue Reading →

M.I.L.L.E.R (New Poem!)

I've been fighting writer's block since the beginning of the pandemic. This is the first poem I've written unprovoked since it all started. Enjoy! M.I.L.L.E.R. By C. Derick Miller 5.15.21 Midnight ticking Moonlight slivers Miniscule friction Mind Incense released Inhaled deeply Innocence questioned Invade Lethargy vanished Libido awoke Letting Go Lost Lengthy persuasion Lightly touched... Continue Reading →

0312 – Sexual Blunders and Night Stockers by Kristopher Triana and Ryan Harding! 0312 - Sexual Blunders and Night Stockers by Kristopher Triana and Ryan Harding! Books and Smack! We Talk Both… Author C. Derick Miller And Graphic Artist Sam Cloud-Miller Offer Random Thoughts On Books, Film, Music, Today’s Topics, And Life From Bishop Arts District! Find ‘Butterflies Make Me Angry’ on Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeart... Continue Reading →

Five Feet Away – For Sam

I feel your eyes upon me Slightly turned, I catch your smile Wishing no one else could see us No more living in denial Could they ever understand it? Or accept it once they did? Can they tell how you’ve regressed me? To a nervous, helpless kid? How I sense your soul from distance? How... Continue Reading →


A whisper in sorrow A scream to the deaf A flash to the blind You have nothing left Your pockets are empty Your life on the floor The future is shattered Can’t take anymore Your friends are against you Your family’s a joke Each breath is a nightmare You try not to choke The grass... Continue Reading →

Week 3

Winter fire, melted dreams, stir in sleep, silent screams, born again, morning rise, face the day, child's cries, talk the talk, promise dared, reach the end, darkness scared, back to wall, daring heart, take me back, to the start.


One more morning Sun breaks through The darkened veil To shine on you The comfort comes I pour the life From heaven’s bowl My daybreak wife The knife I wield The fork I stab Still hot on plate From burning slab I’d marry you My waffle dear But laws prevent Or so I hear…


No one will miss Your presence here You have no home Nothing to fear Just come inside And breathe your last My gentle smile and shotgun blast The blood-stained walls A story paints The final page My victim faints But springs alive When knife blades slice To feel his fear My only vice The screams... Continue Reading →


The teasing claw holds Heaven's cup Trapped at the bottom looking up I crave a drop of someone else's soul To give up now would be absurd This birthright curse of spoken word I can't escape the prison of this hole I pray to someone everyday To take my hand or light my way Yet,... Continue Reading →

The Wolves Are Closing In

I have pondered every endingI have counted every sinI have reached my last forevernow the wolves are closing inI have barred the door behind meevery window locked withinthough I know it will not stop themnow the wolves are closing inMy sword is at the readyand the blood will soon beginI prepare to close the curtainnow... Continue Reading →


You came into this world With open eyes and innocence and betrothed to introduction to a world that’s choked by fence separating all the races and the women come in last ‘cause the men are dominating And they mostly cum too fast It’s a world so full of hatred Quite a sin to bring you... Continue Reading →

Serial Prize

Experimental suffering The ropes, they burn The blade ,she stings The flesh, it cuts The blood, it flows The organs fail And no one knows The body rots Beneath the soil A million years? A spot of oil To future failed Societies But for the moment You and me I felt the need You fit... Continue Reading →


The pipes are clogged The wheels are stuck No reason why I’d give a fuck To start again Stare down defeat It’s not been fun It’s not been neat This writer’s life Of cat and mouse I spit the words Throughout the house And echoed rhyme On deaf ears fall I took the chance And... Continue Reading →


Torn down Broke apart Put together Army art Built to kill Built to last Eyes front No more past Coming home Will they see? The animal Inside of me? Breathing fire Eating fear Sucking life From all that’s near From tiring day To lonely night Negotiation? Came to fight To make you beg To steal... Continue Reading →


I died inside The day departed By my own hand Left broken hearted Where did I turn What did I do Erased by fate Without a clue You crossed the line You tempted bond Red handed caught Emotions fond I witnessed hate My life erased My pathway dim My footsteps traced I lost my way... Continue Reading →

Politics and Shoes

The only things that never change Are politics and shoes The revelation guaranteed To feed the poor man’s blues Our wealthy high society Their young instilled with hate No toys, no games, or treehouse dreams Deter their destined fate Legendary surnames Bound for Washington’s embrace Suck dollars from our pockets While the hoods disguise their... Continue Reading →


The darkness grips Like angry fangs Injecting poison's sting Though sirens wail Your heart will fail You won't recall a thing The pain shall cease With soul's release Removing you from life What's left behind You'll never find As Hell becomes your wife "I should've" this "I could've" that It's much too late to change... Continue Reading →

Lost In Translation

Dream of worlds I've createdElectronic nightmaresFreezing in unconsciousnessIntoxicating refreshmentOne by one they fallAccuracy and cold sweatSacrifice of sustenance Traffic jam in my veinsDrive-by kisses from the darknessNostalgia in the wombThe weekend calls...

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