So Far…

Hello Everyone!

(or at least everyone who follows our antics, podcasts, books, etc.)

(so, you know, all three of you…)

I just wanted to take a quick moment to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on. Sam and I have run into some medical issues (Sam’s are way more serious than mine) so we’ve shifted gears a bit when it comes to our extracurriculars. Here’s a list of what we will and won’t be doing until better news arrives:

Books: The first chapter of Blue Man is complete and I’ve stopped there. This is one of my lesser priorities. Still trying to wash the bad tastes of certain Starving Zoe reviews out of my mouth, dig?

Podcasts: For now, we are continuing our weekly recordings of Butterflies Make Me Angry and I’m starting my deep dive into the court documents for American Justice Season Two. Thank you for listening!

Television and Film: Texas Injustice is slowly becoming a thing and Warning Signs is on hold until the pandemic is a bad memory. Wear masks and get vaccinated please! Regardless of what our Governor says. What does he know about science? He’s a politician…

Music: I don’t feel like writing poetry so I sure as Hell don’t feel like writing music. Years of poetry under my belt and wasted on the undeserving. Years of songs under my belt and wasted on bands who can’t get their shit straight and stay together. Who knows what the future brings…

Interviews and Reviews: I have no control over these things…

Weddings: I’m sure I can fit a wedding ceremony in here and there. I enjoy them so I’ll definitely make time for it.

Second Hand Scares: I currently have an auction going on that ends in a couple of days. I need to go hunting for items soon so any recommendations of cool horror item locations in the Dallas area would be appreciated!

The Journey: The road goes ever on and on so this is where I will be posting the majority of my updates. I was accused of being flamboyant on Facebook a couple of days ago so I’ll be posting less and less of my personal and professional life on social media. Isn’t that what Facebook and Twitter are for? Bragging about shit? I can’t help it if some people have a boring ass life, right? Anyway, we will mostly be focusing on our health so a lot of the things we’re known for will be taking a back seat to more pressing issues. Any positive light offered will be gladly accepted and feel free to reach out to us on any of our formats at any time.

Now, all three of you can go back to your daily lives…

Best Wishes,

C & S



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