New Starving Zoe Review!

I’m really trying to ignore the Starving Zoe reviews when they come out but this one needs to be advertised. Again this is another gentlemen who got what I was trying to do. Take it for what it is…

4.0 out of 5 stars Challenge yourself. Worth it.

This book is unforgettable and one of the most exciting, disturbing reads of my life. It took me longer than a book of this length typically does because I had to take a few breaks for my mental health. There were scenes in this novel that I actively needed to decompress from.
Read this book only if you are ready to challenge yourself and willing to accept that it will be a challenge. For me personally it was worth it.

Beyond the gore are some very well written pages describing poignant and transcendent observations on life and the experience of existing in a hostile world. You will be surprised and delighted and laugh out loud multiple times.

My criticism is that it is too short in the middle so the main story starts somewhat abruptly. I could endure at least 200 more pages and would welcome it, even as a mini series broken up into 3 parts.

Starving Zoe is now available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. Hardback and audiobook coming soon.




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