Random Madness 12.29.20

Random Madness! That’s basically what social media is, right? Just a bunch of random madness? I’ve promised to keep my opinions off of social media (for the most part). Instead, I will post them to my website! I mean, you have to do some extra clicking to get here and I pay money for it. It’s not showing up freely in anyone’s feed so, if you get triggered…it’s because you tried. This is everything I would’ve normally posted to social media today. Enjoy the show!

There is a part in the Metallica song “Don’t Tread On Me” that sounds like it’s being played from a drive thru speaker. It’s really hard to understand but I’ve never bothered looking the lyrics up either. Much more fun to imagine the band had to take a job at Dairy Queen between albums.

Working from home half the week. Chicken fries and Pez with my five year old IS a healthy lunch. Anyone who doesn’t think so is Peanut Butter and Jealous.

Although it’s sad, I grin a bit when someone from my hometown goes from “masks are stupid” and “this pandemic is a hoax” to “I just tested positive for COVID-19” in the same breath! Then again, I’m pretty sure I’m next no matter how cautious I’ve been. Statistically, I’m up.

Spend New Year’s Eve with us on the Butterflies Make Me Angry podcast on Podbean LIVE 7pm CST and then, switch on over to Vital Social Issues And Stuff With Kris and John Wayne at 8pm CST on YouTube. Let he horror community drop balls for you!

New Starving Zoe review! “A skin-walker and an Indian medicine witch seek revenge in the old west. Loved it except the groin torture, just reading that part hurt.” – 5 Stars!

I just had a flashback to 1999. Stuck in an Arizona town that only had a pop station. Shaggy tunes. Noooooo! I guess it wasn’t so bad. I heard my most favorite song of all time on that station in that era for the first time. Guess what it is and I’ll mail you a free book. Contact me on the ‘who am I’ page.

Mitch “Bird Face” McConnell is a poon. We should all line up and take turns kicking his ass. Who’s with me?

Did Zoe leave a bad taste in your mouth? Try Angel instead…

All things considered, I’d rather be napping in a cabin by a fire somewhere in the woods outside of Portland, OR. Maybe I would wake up at some point and fight Nicholas Cage with a chainsaw. Make some memories…

A dude gave me a bad “Extinguished” review on Amazon because I slept with his wife five years ago. I don’t think you’re supposed to review the author on Amazon, just the books. I could be wrong. Sure, I (personally) was a dickhead for doing this, but I’ve gotten my shit together since then. Everything I ever needed to know about writing I learned from Hank Moody. I don’t remember how many stars his wife gave me…

C. Derick Miller is an award winning Splatterpunk/Indie/Cult/Horror/Dark Fiction author, Gonzo journalist, freelance A&E  journalist, screenwriter, poet, ordained minister, and songwriter born in the town of Greenville, Texas. A seasoned paranormal investigator and administrator for the fine art industry, his influences include Hunter S. Thompson, Kevin Smith, Shawn Mullins, and Del James. He is currently signed with Death’s Head Press and is Sr. Writer/Jr. Producer for AtuA Productions. Chad is also an active member of the International Thriller Writers organization, the Horror Writers Association, and co-host of both the “Butterflies Make Me Angry” and “American Justice” podcasts. He resides in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas and has a price on his head for his short story “Hell Paso” contained in the #1 Amazon Best Selling/Award Winning Death’s Head Press Anthology “And Hell Followed”. He wishes he was making up that last part but…it’s nice to be wanted.




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