Stalking Zoe?

What do other husbands and wives talk about in bed?

A potential Starving Zoe sequel by C. Derick and Sam Cloud Miller!

From generation to generation, her story became infamous. The tale of a missing mother who vanished in the Northern Arizona Territory was passed down from old to young within the Native American community. Most insist she was murdered by the hands of her war-crazed husband. Others believe it was something much worse. Now, in 1965, three college students explore the wilderness on a quest for answers. With the help of a newly discovered, hundred-year-old journal, they hope to put her memory to rest once and for all. Their starting point is clear. Little do they know; those tattered, blood-stained pages could lead to their own unimaginable end. Forgiveness is underrated. Death is never final. Revenge, however, still dances between the fine lines of mortality and eternity. When you are stalking the legend of Zoe Telos…love always finds a way.

Coming Soon




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