Indie IS Small Business

Contrary to popular belief (i.e. people who have never written a book but love to shove their opinions of them down the throats of others) being an indie author IS a small business. Yes, Amazon whores our products out like a trailer park four way, but they keep a HUGE chunk of the money!

I currently have books on hand. All titles. I can sign, personalize them, and have them at the post office within 24 hours. You won’t get that from Amazon, my Etsy store, or Bookshop! Just email me at

Also, if you live in the Dallas area, Poets Oak Cliff ( in the Bishop Arts District has signed copies of all my works from both Death’s Head Press and Gonzo Wolf Press. You can visit in person or shop online. If they run out, I can provide them with more. It’s a five minute walk, and you’re worth it! They’re a great group of people and very supportive.

Just in case you still insist on feeding the global monster, I’ve attached the Amazon links to the books below. These are the Kindle links, but the paperback links are available on the same page. Please be safe, wear masks, and enjoy your holiday. I’d like to see (most of) you alive and healthy in 2021! Keep Believing…




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