No CDM At Frightmare Collectables…

Hey guys,

I’m just dropping a quick line to inform you that I won’t be appearing this coming weekend at Frightmare Collectables in Dallas.

I had planned on being there with DHP to sign babies and kiss books, but I’ve had way too many close calls this past week with COVID-19. I was even in a car and at a dining table with someone who has tested positive. I don’t want to take any chances.

So far, my tests are coming back negative and I’m not symptomatic but, why risk it? If you listen to the Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast then you know my wife has an immune system disorder. It’s just not worth it. For her sake.

As far as I know, John Wayne Communale and Wile E Young will still be in attendance, so go support those guys! I will be back doing public appearances just as soon as there is a cure or we all start wearing masks like good little boys and girls!

Best Wishes,





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