Live Shows!!! Live Shows!!!

Are you a fan of the Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast? It’s the podcast where we introduce you to an indie author to promote their books but, first, we talk a lot of shit! Hometown stupidity, politics, and just about anything else that rubs us the wrong way! We are now performing live shows where you, the listener, can chat us up and even become a part of the show! Yes, we will bring you in as a co-host to speak your opinion! All you have to do is subscribe on Podbean.

We will be recording the show LIVE Thursday-ish at 7pm-ish. We still hate schedules but, if you’re subscribed, you’ll get a notification! Then again, you could always just listen after the fact on every podcast app out there (except Poon-dora) but what’s the fun in that? Remember. Podbean. Subscribe. Join us!


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