Indie IS Small Business

Contrary to popular belief (i.e. people who have never written a book but love to shove their opinions of them down the throats of others) being an indie author IS a small business. Yes, Amazon whores our products out like a trailer park four way, but they keep a HUGE chunk of the money! I... Continue Reading →

Poem: Politics and Shoes

Politics and Shoes by C. Derick Miller The only things that never change Are politics and shoes The revelation guaranteed To feed the poor man’s blues Our wealthy high society Their young instilled with hate No toys, no games, or treehouse dreams Deter their destined fate Legendary surnames Bound for Washington’s embrace Suck dollars from... Continue Reading →

Poem: Serial Prize

Try not to take this one too seriously. I write dark shit. You already know this. That’s why you follow me… Serial Prize by C. Derick Miller Experimental suffering The ropes, they burn The blade ,she stings The flesh, it cuts The blood, it flows The organs fail And no one knows The body rots... Continue Reading →

Poem: Rusty

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I need to start writing again. Not anything in particular, just daily things to knock the dust off the cogs. I am a fucking writer, after all. I guess it's time to write. Here is a little poem I just spit out to express my feelings toward a... Continue Reading →

No CDM At Frightmare Collectables…

Hey guys, I'm just dropping a quick line to inform you that I won't be appearing this coming weekend at Frightmare Collectables in Dallas. I had planned on being there with DHP to sign babies and kiss books, but I've had way too many close calls this past week with COVID-19. I was even in... Continue Reading →

Zoe Hardbacks Sold Out!

In less than four hours, the signed, numbered, limited edition copies of Starving Zoe and the other Splatter Westerns sold out! That means no more. Zero. Thanks to everyone who purchased them and to Thunderstorm Books for taking a chance on DHP! Paperback and Kindle copies are still available through Amazon and autographed copies are... Continue Reading →

Live Shows!!! Live Shows!!!

Are you a fan of the Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast? It's the podcast where we introduce you to an indie author to promote their books but, first, we talk a lot of shit! Hometown stupidity, politics, and just about anything else that rubs us the wrong way! We are now performing live shows where... Continue Reading →

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