Indie IS Small Business

Contrary to popular belief (i.e. people who have never written a book but love to shove their opinions of them … More

Poem: Politics and Shoes

Politics and Shoes by C. Derick Miller The only things that never change Are politics and shoes The revelation guaranteed … More

Poem: Serial Prize

Try not to take this one too seriously. I write dark shit. You already know this. That’s why you follow … More

Poem: Rusty

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to start writing again. Not anything in particular, just daily things … More

Video Rant 11.17.20!

It’s been a bit since I’ve felt like leaving the house, taking a walk, and spitting my troubles out into … More

Thursday Night! 7pm! Live!

Thursday Night! 7pm! LIVE! We will be reading Red Station by Kenzie Jennings but, first…we’re gonna talk smack. Mile high … More

Zoe Hardbacks Sold Out!

In less than four hours, the signed, numbered, limited edition copies of Starving Zoe and the other Splatter Westerns sold … More