Carnage, Raw Rage, and Savagery!

Need more Starving Zoe goodness?

Splatter Western #5 is a tale about going home. Robert Jack is an orphan who has tried to make the best of what’s been thrown at him. Growing up in the harsh neighborhoods of New England taught him lots of bad habits. But those bad habits gave him the opportunity to meet Zoe. A willing partner in crime, they have adventures together that force them to seek shelter in anonymity. Starving Zoe is a story of love, revenge and hate in 1865 Arizona Territory.

For some of you, some scenes will be shocking. Some scenes will make you feel dirty. And some scenes will make you laugh until you cry. This is not for sensitive readers or those with triggers. It is full of carnage, raw rage, and horrific savagery! It was great! I loved how Robert Jack’s sarcasm is peppered throughout the story. If you love gore with a little splatter here and there, you’ve got to check this one out! – The Voracious Gnome




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