Blue Man Begins!

“Darkness. Not necessarily that of tightly closed eyes or achieved through the aid of a blindfold. No. Pure, unmatched darkness. The kind only spoken of in works of fiction, yet somehow obtained through the advances of modern science…and near unlimited funding. Ultimately, all I had to do was ask. With little argument, I received.” – Blue Man, C. Derick Miller.

And there you have it. The very first paragraph to my next novel, Blue Man.


Thirteen-year-old Thomas Jensen was forced to watch helplessly as his younger brother fell victim to the mysterious ‘Watchers in the Window.’ Haunted by memories of events with no tangible explanation, he became determined to find answers. Thirty years later, he’s the youngest Mayor ever elected in the city of Rainy Day, TX. His hidden agenda? To uncover the town elders’ sinister lies regarding unsolved kidnappings from his childhood. After a visit from the elusive Blue Man, Thomas learns that sleeping secrets are better left undisturbed.

The first official collaboration between C. Derick & Sam Cloud-Miller!

Blue Man is coming…





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