Husband/Wife Horror Team-Up?

Little known fact: Some of the most horrific parts of Starving Zoe came from the brilliant/twisted mind of my darling bride Mrs. Sam Cloud-Miller! She stood behind me every step of the way and encouraged me to let go of my filter. So, I did. Now, it’s the most divisive thing ever released under my name. It really depends on what kind of person you are as to whether or not you ‘get it’. Half do. Half don’t. You’re welcome!

Now, based on a childhood legend from within the walls of my own upbringing, we will be offering you a science fiction/horror mashup that will make you fear anal probing in the deep, dark night. This is assuming you don’t already fear random acts of anal probing. I know. It’s a leap, right?

No, this will not be a disgusting romp through space like Starving Zoe. We will strive to make it more horror and less Splatterpunk. Who knows where this road will take us? I guess we’ll all find out in 2021 when Blue Man comes to visit!

So, here it is. Official. C. Derick and Sam Cloud-Miller’s first collaboration…

Blue Man

Thirteen-year-old Thomas Jensen was forced to watch helplessly as his younger brother fell victim to the mysterious ‘Watchers in the Window.’ Haunted by memories of events with no tangible explanation, he became determined to find answers. Thirty years later, he’s the youngest Mayor ever elected in the city of Rainy Day, TX. His hidden agenda? To uncover the town elders’ sinister lies regarding unsolved kidnappings from his childhood. After a visit from the elusive Blue Man, Thomas learns that sleeping secrets are better left undisturbed.

See you next year…




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