This. Right Here.

More and more people are starting to ‘get’ Starving Zoe. This makes me happy.

“Great Book. Not for everyone. This isn’t a young adult novel, It’s not a feel good story, and it isn’t the easiest book I have ever read. This is an exploration of the mind of a man that grew up in a very different time under extreme stress. The horror and viciousness of the story play out at a good tempo and in between the action we are shown into the mind of the main character through first person narration. This is a horror book in a “splatter western” series. The violence and gore cross all the right lines, but be forewarned, this isn’t just about cheap thrills. This story will make you contemplate life and viewpoints of people from our past. C. Derick Miller has somehow opened a door into the thought processes of a man that has very little in common with most people today. I finished the novel with a lot of unsettling images running through my mind that weren’t from the gore and horror. This is one of my favorite things I have ever read. I didn’t feel good at the end, but all art shouldn’t.” – Tommy Cross, Goodreads


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