Another “Real” Review!

The true audience for Starving Zoe has finally arrived!

“I’ve got two cents, about Starving Zoe by C Derick Cloud-Miller. What we have here, is one of the best, most vile, lecherous, insane, and brutally awesome stories I’ve ever read. I felt quite normal upon starting out, the first chapter was spectacular, imbedding hooks into my brain that would never be freed. By “The End”, it felt as though I had been mentally beaten to a twitching & bloody pulp, in addition to huffing paint and glue the entire time, as this tale kept getting fucking crazier and crazier with each turn of the page. I absolutely love CDCM’s storytelling style, the narration in this book is epic. Shock & Awe combined with heavy LOL moments FUCK YESSSS. I really want everyone I know to read this repugnant and juicy baby, as pure lunacy abounds. Shitloads of fun. Fast to read. Transcendent is what it is. Damn transcendent! (If this book was censored, it would just be a front and back cover. That’s how awesomely vulgar it is). 🧠💀Starving Zoe by CDCM💀-Pub Death’s Head Press-Cover artist Justin T Coons 5/5 Strabismus Skulls & entry into my Best of 2020 list.”


Need I say more?


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