Blue Man Begins!

"Darkness. Not necessarily that of tightly closed eyes or achieved through the aid of a blindfold. No. Pure, unmatched darkness. The kind only spoken of in works of fiction, yet somehow obtained through the advances of modern science…and near unlimited funding. Ultimately, all I had to do was ask. With little argument, I received." -... Continue Reading →

Carnage, Raw Rage, and Savagery!

Need more Starving Zoe goodness? Splatter Western #5 is a tale about going home. Robert Jack is an orphan who has tried to make the best of what’s been thrown at him. Growing up in the harsh neighborhoods of New England taught him lots of bad habits. But those bad habits gave him the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Texas Justice:Brandon Woodruff Film Screening

Want to see the film version of the American Justice Podcast Season One? Tickets are available now but seating is limited due to social distancing. Dinner and drinks will be available for purchase as well. This screening will happen at the Texan Theater in Greenville, Tx...right across the street from the Hunt County Court House... Continue Reading →

I Can Live With That

When Splatterpunk author of the year Christine Morgan says Starving Zoe is 3 Starts, I have no grounds to disagree! Many great novels and albums over the years have been considered 'middle of the road'... "This installment in the ongoing kickbutt Splatter Western series takes a bit of a departure from the others; instead of... Continue Reading →

Husband/Wife Horror Team-Up?

Little known fact: Some of the most horrific parts of Starving Zoe came from the brilliant/twisted mind of my darling bride Mrs. Sam Cloud-Miller! She stood behind me every step of the way and encouraged me to let go of my filter. So, I did. Now, it's the most divisive thing ever released under my... Continue Reading →

This. Right Here.

More and more people are starting to 'get' Starving Zoe. This makes me happy. "Great Book. Not for everyone. This isn't a young adult novel, It's not a feel good story, and it isn't the easiest book I have ever read. This is an exploration of the mind of a man that grew up in... Continue Reading →

But Do You Know Me?

To Readers: I'm going to say a little something this morning and you can take it wherever you'd like. I always say "reviews are gold." They are! When you choose your star rating and post those words on Amazon, the world sees them. They believe them as though you (the reviewer) are the be all,... Continue Reading →

Another “Real” Review!

The true audience for Starving Zoe has finally arrived! "I’ve got two cents, about Starving Zoe by C Derick Cloud-Miller. What we have here, is one of the best, most vile, lecherous, insane, and brutally awesome stories I’ve ever read. I felt quite normal upon starting out, the first chapter was spectacular, imbedding hooks into... Continue Reading →

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