For The Record…

Let’s talk.

I received my first review of my new Splatter Western novella “Starving Zoe”! It made it to Amazon # 1 in less than 24 hours and everyone loves the amazing cover!

1 Star

I shit you not.

“Not impressed. Guy is very whiny. Did not like how he went on about the poor horse, Poon. Did not like him talking about bashing a cats head in and his hate of cats. This guy really seems to hate animals. If he hated the horse so much why didn’t he get another one??Overkill on letting us know he wasn’t a pedophile. So much repetition. So many yes and no sirs starting sentences. Very crude speech that just gets irritating after awhile. Hating on a baby?! Thumping it?! Seriously?! Women are referred to as bitches and whores continually. Narcissistic personality. I swear… Every other sentence is crudely about sex. SMH. It’s like a horny, narcissistic, racist teenager wrote this book.”

Then, the reviewer goes on to count how many times I used words that upset her.

Bitch 80
Whore 29
Yes sir 40
No sir 48
Puss(y) 17
Coot 14
Dick 43
Cock 24

Now, allow me to defend myself.

It’s a period piece. It’s mentally accurate of the old west. It was loosely influenced by Catcher In the Rye as far as narrative is concerned, and that’s why the main character is ‘whiny’. I own a cat and love animals. I am a happily married man, I have five children (three of them are daughters), and four grandchildren. 50% of my heritage is Native American and my son in law is a black man. I am far from a horny narcissistic, racist teenager. I’m also an Army veteran and ex law enforcement but that’s neither here nor there.

First and foremost, I am a writer. I create characters. I don’t write Mad Lib style horror with cut and paste plots and ‘fill in the blanks’ narratives.

Now, does this mean that Stephen King dresses up as a clown in his spare time and murders children? Since when did horror become so watered down and sparkly? Oh yeah…

Now I remember.

Thank you for reading!

C. Derick Miller is a dark fiction author, Gonzo journalist, freelance A&E  journalist, screenwriter, poet, ordained minister, and ASCAP songwriter born in the town of Greenville, Texas. A seasoned paranormal investigator and administrator for the fine art industry, his influences include Hunter S. Thompson, Kevin Smith, Shawn Mullins, and Del James. He is currently signed with Death’s Head Press and is Sr. Writer/Jr. Producer for AtuA Productions. Chad is also an active member of the International Thriller Writers organization, the Horror Writers Association, and co-host of both the “Butterflies Make Me Angry” and “American Justice” podcasts. He resides in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas and has a price on his head for his short story “Hell Paso” contained in the #1 Amazon Best Selling Death’s Head Press Anthology “And Hell Followed”. He wishes he was making up that last part but…it’s nice to be wanted.


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