On Vacay!

To fans of the Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast: We apologize for the sudden absence. We had a major equipment malfunction which has temporarily put us out of the game. Fortunately, I’m the kind of guy who believes in extended warranties. Unfortunately, HP has decided to take an additional ten days to repair our equipment. Thus is modern life. We get it. The pandemic has made everything difficult. Rather than sit here and cry like a little kid with a skinned knee, Sam and I have decided to take a small vacation and will be back as soon as possible with our next episode. We’ll introduce you to Cerberus Rising by Patrick Harrison III, Mike Ennenbach, and Chris Miller. This will also coincide with the release of the newest C. Derick Miller novella Starving Zoe aka Splatter Western # 5! We miss you, but we’ll be back soon. Promise


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