Review: The Night Silver River Run Red by Christine Morgan!

Aka – Splatter Western # 4 by Death’s Head Press

Christine Morgan is one of the greatest writers alive today. Anyone who says otherwise has yet to read her work and is obviously a King/Koontz fanboy/fangirl who only claims to be a “reader” because it makes them seem smart in dumb circles. Anyone can read a synopsis, so I’ll spare you the details. Just as I’d done with the 3 Splatter Westerns before this one, I read this in a single sitting. This one is my new favorite and easily the best work I’ve read in 2020! I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their literary tastes. Be warned, though. Once you come to the dark side, the Splatter Gods will deny departure. Death’s Head Press knocks it out of the park again and Christine Morgan is the team captain.

We will read the first chapter Thursday night on the Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast! Find it, subscribe, and share!


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