Tonight On The BMMA Podcast…

As Sam and I patiently await the results of our ‘Rona Tests, we will be reading you the first chapter to John Wayne Comunale’s Sinkhole! No, this has nothing to do with his rectum. Well, we don’t think so. Hell, let’s find out together!!! Remember, you can like and subscribe to the Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast on all the links below:

(It’s on Apple Podcasts as well but they’re kinda goofy. No link. Just search for it…)

Ready to meet an indie author? We will read you the first chapter. It’s up to you to finish the book! C. Derick Miller is an author, producer, screenwriter, and gonzo journalist from the conservative community of Greenville, TX. Sam Cloud-Miller is a graphic artist and liberal rights activist from Austin, TX. Now residing in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, it’s a great combination for a podcast! They’ll keep talking long after you’ve stopped listening. Peace to the peaceful. Truth to the masses. Hell to the tyrants. Find ‘Butterflies Make Me Angry’ on Podbean, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, or wherever you listen to podcasts!


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