Home Sweet Home (the sequel that one person has asked for)

Well, it’s happening. I’ve been sitting on the outline for Home Series Book III for two years now. What can I say? I’ve had other stuff going on. Splatter Westerns, podcasts, expose’ articles. Since the recent re-releases of A Taste of Home and Far From Home, I’ve been thinking about it more and more. I know, at some point, that I have to finish the story. Sometimes, I want to shoot myself in the head for leaving it open ended, but I knew there was more to it. I didn’t want to cut it short. My character Katie deserves a better ending. Then, a complete stranger reached out to me a couple of days ago with an inquiry. When is book three coming out? It motivated me a little. So, here we are. Here is the first paragraph to Home Sweet Home, Home Series Book III. If you’re a fan of my work, you may notice a hint of a crossover. Don’t worry, they’re just side characters. Maybe. Still deciding…

“The child peered through the window curiously as the last remaining snow melted in the midnight moonlight. Although the winter wonderland lasted for nearly a week, her dreams of a White Christmas were crushed as she exhaled sad smudges against her bedroom window. This was typical for a town the size of Twin Oaks, Texas. It allowed people to believe their dreams were within reach only to destroy them without a moment’s notice. Her name was Cherish Burns.”

If you’re one of many who have no fucking idea what I’m even talking about, I’ve added the links to the first two books below.


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