Author Christine Morgan Reviews “Extinguished”. Honestly.

In my experience, most people review my books as though I’ll be cooking dinner for them at some point. It’s like they’re afraid I’ll purposely scratch my nether regions while flipping the burgers. At least, I think that’s what they do. My reviews consist of mostly old high school friends and people I know personally but, lately, I’ve surrounded myself with people I consider to be professional readers and reviewers. Christine Morgan and Lisa Lee Tone are two of these people and they give it to me straight every time. I can’t personally imagine that I’m worth as much praise as I receive sometimes from casual readers. Still, kind words are nice, but I prefer HONEST words. How can you grow as a writer if people won’t be honest about your contributions?

Author Christine Morgan is someone I highly respect. After meeting her at KillerCon 2019 in Austin, Texas and being completely blown away by her zombie short story collection titled Dawn of the Living Impaired, I couldn’t wait to see what this talented lady had to say about one of my works. What she offered made me happy even though it’s not all sugar coated and covered with sprinkles.

Not every book is for every reader. End of story. No pun intended.

I wrote this novel under strange circumstances. The short story it’s based on was written during an extremely drunken weekend in San Francisco. The novel was written during complete sobriety while locked away in my writing studio hideaway in Greenville, Texas. During the short story, I was in a relationship with the person in which the main character is based. The rest of the novel? Written after the inevitable break up. I almost didn’t write it out of spite. In the end, I’m glad I did. I love the characters and story.

Title: Extinguished

Author: C. Derick Miller

Publisher: Death’s Head Press


An “aptronym” is what they call it, the term for when your given name suits (however ironically) your chosen profession or role in life. Whether it’s prescience on the part of your parents, or some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s often amusing and sometimes annoying. And easier to get away with / put up with in fiction than the real world.

In this case, the aptronym belongs to Angel Burns, who lost her mother in a tragic house fire, was raised by the fire chief who rescued her, and went on to pursue firefighting as a career. Now a single mom, working for and with a bunch of oinking sexist jerks who make her job a living hell, she has no idea how much an actual “living hell” she’s about to stumble into.

Or, as it turns out, that her first name’s a bit of an aptronym too, when she finds herself caught in a supernatural battle and then recruited into a secret society of demon-hunters. Armed with her trusty fire-axe and a magical family heirloom, Angel’s new mission involves trying to stop the forces of evil from getting their claws on the relics that can be used as weapons against them.

I enjoyed the story, but did find the writing fairly heavy on the “tell” side of things (particularly when it came to referring to her as “the young hunter” or “the girl” or “the hero” and similar stylistic phrasing, though to be fair that is a big-time personal peeve of mine.) And the characterization of Angel struck me kind of bothersome in that crass one-of-the-boys-but-with-sexy-sexy-boobs way.

The energy’s there, though, and the sense of fun. Lots of action scenes and what would be big-budget special effects. Some see-it-coming twists, others surprising. I’d be interested in seeing more.

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