BMMA Hits Apple Podcasts!

Are you a fan of Apple? Are you an iPoon? You can now catch the Butterflies Make Me Angry podcast of Apple Podcasts! In all fairness, it should've been there a year ago but my settings were screwed. They wouldn't accept it because my logo wasn't the right pixel ratio and it was black and... Continue Reading →

“Butterflies” Hits Google!

The Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast is now available on Google Podcasts! Check out all the links below to follow us! Podbean! Spotify! YouTube! Goodreads! Stitcher! Listen Notes! Tune In! Google Podcasts! (It's on Apple Podcasts as well but they're kinda goofy. No link. Just search for it...) Ready to meet an indie author? We... Continue Reading →

Gonzo Journal – Not Political, But…

Not a political post. Just facts and potential nightmares waiting to happen. The rest of the world currently sees the United States as a threat. We're all diseased, violent toward each other, and our leader is viewed as a total, out of control dunce. Don't believe me? Turn off the American news networks and watch... Continue Reading →

Tonight On The BMMA Podcast…

As Sam and I patiently await the results of our 'Rona Tests, we will be reading you the first chapter to John Wayne Comunale's Sinkhole! No, this has nothing to do with his rectum. Well, we don't think so. Hell, let's find out together!!! Remember, you can like and subscribe to the Butterflies Make Me... Continue Reading →

Gonzo Journal – My ‘Rona Test

Well, it finally happened and I'm not proud of it. If you follow my stuff, you know that I was in the ER on Saturday for heart attack like symptoms. When my heart was given a completely clean bill of health, heat exhaustion was blamed for my dizziness and chest issues. Perhaps that was not... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday To A God.

I love this photo of you. The expression on your face hiding the expression in your mind. The world needs you now more than ever. Happy Birthday, Hunter S. Thompson. Your final words in print haunt me in reflection. Football Season Is Over - No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More... Continue Reading →


The Butterflies Make Me Angry Podcast just hit the 2000 share mark since changing formats a few months ago! We are so glad everyone is enjoying the new format as we celebrate our one year anniversary! Tonight, we'll do something completely different. We will go 100% live for the very first time! No recording or... Continue Reading →

Friday Books!

Because you can't get 'Da Rona' if you're sitting on your ass at home reading a book! My PSA for the weekend! C. Derick Miller is a dark fiction author, Gonzo journalist, freelance A&E  journalist, screenwriter, poet, ordained minister, and ASCAP songwriter born in the town of Greenville, Texas. A seasoned... Continue Reading →

My Gonzo Journal – Wanging It

No, I didn't misspell the word. It's not meant to be 'winging it'. Wanging it is the only thing I could think of at the moment to describe what more and more indie artists seem to be doing lately. I guess you do whatever it is you need to do to get noticed, right? No... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday To Extinguished!

I had quite a bit of fun writing this one but it's never really taken off like a I hoped. The reviews are mostly from women who love my ability to write a realistic female hero but there are a couple of shitty ones from a scorned ex husband. I deserve that punishment. I'll claim... Continue Reading →

Anthology Of The Year Nomination # 2

Yes, Death's Head Press has managed to nab two Anthology of the Year Nominations! This little jewel is not as popular as And Hell Followed but packs a powerful punch. Have you ever wished you could get revenge on someone, but the idea of prison, or bloodstains on your clothes made you decide against it?... Continue Reading →

Anthology Of The Year Nomination # 1!

Hey guys, if you haven't read this one, you're missing out! We will know if we won at KillerCon 2020 on August 9th! Online participation only this year's better than nothing. I miss my horror family! Seventeen authors re-imagine the biblical apocalypse and all the hell that follows in sixteen horrifying tales. What if... Continue Reading →

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