Happy Birthday To Butterflies!

One year ago, my wife and I (we weren’t married then) had a crazy idea. We decided to start a ‘no holds barred’ podcast where we bitched and moaned about politics, our life in Dallas, and the crazies back home. Originally titled “Random Madness”, we did exactly that.

After a handful of episodes, we decided to change the title to “Butterflies Make Me Angry” instead. Why? First of all, it was unique. Second, I co-wrote a song with musician Tommy Cross for the Whiskeyhat debut EP and, owning partial rights, thought it would make a great theme song for the podcast! Then…YouTube decided to be a turd about it and I have to fight for rights on a weekly basis. We changed the intro but kept the chorus as the outro. Whiskeyhat went belly up, of course, and the song is now played live by Tommy’s new band 8 Bore. The EP is no longer available on Spotify but I keep a copy of the CD (remember those?) on a shelf with the books I’ve written. Wanna hear the whole song?

Eventually, we got tired of the same old stuff week after week. There is enough negativity in the world right now without the two of us adding to it. Since I am an Indie Author, I decided to use my powers for good rather than evil. Every week, we read the first chapter to an Indie Author’s book and leave it up to the listener to purchase a copy and finish. Most of them are horror, splatterpunk, bizarro, or dark fiction (since I mostly surround myself with horror authors) but we throw in some other stuff for variety. We basically do our standard bitching during the first half of the episode and spend the last half reading the book. Needless to say, the show has gotten much better. More fun, at least. We love it, and so does 1800+ people a week. That number is steadily growing!

A big THANK YOU to all our listeners for getting us one year down the road! We are looking forward to year two! Here is our latest episode for your convenience. Just remember: The following podcast contains adult themes. Contrary to popular belief, being an adult has nothing to do with your age! Don’t forget to share and subscribe!

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(It’s on iTunes as well but they’re kinda goofy. No link. Just search your iTunes…)

Peace to the peaceful, truth to the masses, Hell to the tyrants…


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