The Voracious Gnome reviews A Taste of Home!

Page turner till the end! – The story is about Toby Lieberman who works in rural Texas. His home life has been turned upside down, he can do no wrong by his daughter, and he has a tight knit group of family and friends he can trust. Bad things start happening around him and he finds himself trying to survive and avoiding the Law as much as possible. The story picks up and then the real ride continues.

This is one of Miller’s first books published and what a treat! Werewolves in Texas, um yes please! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because there is some repetition throughout the book that made me feel like I had de’ja’ vu moments. I was really enthralled in the story and think this would make a great movie! Miller does an excellent job developing the characters so readers can choose which to love and which to hate. Miller is a promising up and comer and this debut novel shows the unbelievable talent he has still to share with us!

4/5 Stars, The Voracious Gnome Review!

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