Far From Home Hits Paperback!

A Curse Beyond Comprehension. A Power Beyond Belief. A Girl Far From Home. Katie Liberman is your typical eighteen-year-old college … More

Review: A Taste of Home

A Taste of Home Posted on May 4, 2020 by BIBLIOPHILIA TEMPLUMLeave a comment A TASTE OF HOME A deep and brutal werewolf tale … More

Are You Listening?

To date: 9 audio episodes. 8 video Q&A episodes. 2 murders. 1 conviction of an innocent man. Are you listening? … More

Review: Hunger On The Chisholm Trail

Synopsis: The first cattle drive of the season leaves Texas for Abilene, Kansas along the Chisholm Trail, but unforeseen terrors lay hidden in the natural beauty of the land. In the heart of Indian Territory lies the sleepy town of Duncan, a friendly respite from the dusty land. But something lurks in the untamed West-a powerful creature that hunts to satiate its horrifying hunger. The land will run red with blood, and only Karl Beck a chance against this ancient evil.